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Foot, Heel, Arch, Toe and Toenail Concerns

Although many patients are referred by physicians, it is not necessary to have a referral. When patients are referred, a helpful note is sent to the physician.

Do you make orthotics?

Yes, we make various types of orthotics. We also provide prescriptions and dispensing notes for insurance purposes for extended health benefits.

Since June 2016, Dr. Furtak has made a new type of custom-made foot orthotic available to some of her patients. Thermoformed orthotics are made in the office: warmed resin-based technical materials cut to the shape of the feet are molded on individually prepared three-dimensional volumetric temporary impressions (vacuumed silicone-filled bags) by the feet.

We also do plaster impressions for orthotics made at several accredited podiatric laboratories.

As well, toe orthotics are molded for certain toe deformities.

Thermoformed Orthotics

Thermoformed orthotics are precisely made taking into account subtalar joint position and dynamic movements of the foot such as heel expansion and arch height reduction with partial weight-bearing. The subtalar joint is the joint between the ankle bone and the heel bone. The orthotics are relatively slim with technician-varied firmness throughout for improved ease of shoe fit. They are posted (stabilized in the heel, arch, or the forefoot) by the biomechanical examiner. This allows for excellent accommodation of asymmetrical differences between left and right legs.